My name is Rachel Finnell and I’m a PhD Candidate at the University of Kansas. I am originally from Sedalia, Missouri. I received my BSBA in 2015 from the University of Central Missouri in Economics with a minor in Political Science. In 2018, I earned my MA from the University of Kansas in Political Science.

From a young age, politics and the world around me always fascinated me. It was not until I took my first Political Science course during my undergraduate career that I realized I could study what I enjoyed and enrich minds along the way. I come from a long line of teachers with a great-grandmother who taught in a one-room school house in Iowa. Those roots have continued through my mother, who is a daycare provider. My family history has driven me to continue this love of learning and teaching into my own life and career.

In my free time I enjoy visiting museums and exploring new areas. After a long day I enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking new recipes as well as perfecting those recipes passed down through the family. I end most days reading a good book or catching up on the news of the day.